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Av: Pål Erik
Publisert: 31. januar 2024
Gratis trening på Zoom lørdag 10.feb kl. 16:00 m/Paolo Bolaffio


Paolo Bolaffio: “The 10 th of February will start the year of the wood Dragon. From the Makoto school, during the Saturday afternoon (exact time will be shared here) will be transmitted a special celebration with some techniques of Neijia and all members are invited.

The Year of the Wood Dragon is associated with a combination of powerful energy and flexibility. Here are some characteristics and curiosities of this sign:

1. *Power and Flexibility*: The Dragon is traditionally associated with strength, courage, and leadership. The Wood element adds a touch of flexibility and adaptability to these qualities, suggesting a period in which inner strength is supported by the ability to adapt to changes.

2. *Innovation and Creativity*: The Dragon is often linked to innovation and creativity. With the addition of the Wood element, one can expect a period in which these qualities are particularly accentuated, leading to new ideas and original approaches.

3. *Dynamism and Ambition*: The Dragon usually brings a sense of dynamism and ambition. With the Wood element, there might be an emphasis on expansion and growth, both personally and professionally.

4. *Cultural Curiosity*: In addition to personal characteristics, the Year of the Wood Dragon might bring a renewed interest in Eastern culture, traditions, and practices.

5. *Potential for Change*: Since the Wood element is associated with growth and change, this could be a period in which people feel more inclined to make strides in their lives.”

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